Revolutionizing Exercise Engagement

We are on a mission to make exercise an important part of everyone’s life

We have an incredible passion for improving health and fitness. Regular exercise is a key pillar of this. We believe it all starts with great digital content. People need to know what to do and how to do it safely. PERFECT FIT has created thousands of high quality, HD rendered exercise animations, and industry-leading tools and solutions to optimize the digital health and fitness experience.


We make it really easy to integrate our content into your platform or solution

PERFECT FIT offers the digital content and tools you need to build a high-quality exercise experience into your health or wellness platform, member portal, or mobile solution. A powerful exercise content management system and our RESTful API make it all really easy.

We’ve built our content in a way that makes us different from anyone else

We’re committed to bringing your vision to life. We can change the look and feel of the 3D avatar, brand the apparel, and even model and showcase products and equipment you want to sell. We can also animate new exercise content for you depending on your focus. Our goal is simple, to create the PERFECT FIT for you.

We partner with great companies that are doing big things

We know it’s not just about having great digital content. It’s about what you do with the content, how you package it, and how you leverage it to standout in a cluttered marketplace and drive revenue. PERFECT FIT looks for unique opportunities to work with great companies that are doing big things. We work closely with our partners to package content in unique and interesting ways to educate consumers, and market and sell products and services.

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