Transforming Care Delivery

PERFECT FIT HEALTH has dedicated years of research and development with leading physicians (e.g. ortho surgeons, sports medicine, primary care) and rehabilitation providers to understand what patients need to maximize their health status --- to be the best they can be. The result is a combination of tools that support both patients and their healthcare providers in the recovery and fitness process. By focusing on clinical precision and evidence-based rehabilitation plans, physicians and rehab professionals can streamline the exercise and care delivery process and partner with patients in a much more meaningful way --- even when patients are not onsite.

PERFECT FIT HEALTH helps stretch the healthcare dollar while actually improving health outcomes and patient engagement. This is how PERFECT FIT HEALTH defines healthcare reform.

Our Core Asset: Engaging 3D Exercise Animations

PERFECT FIT HEALTH has dedicated several years to the research and development of over 2000 proprietary 3D exercise animations that represent our core asset base. Leading rehabilitation providers, physicians, fitness professionals and a talented technical team consisting of computer programmers, web and mobile developers, 3D animators / modelers / texture artists / character riggers / lighting experts, and graphic designers have created a unique development pipeline that enables us to be different from anyone else in the industry.

Our goals are simple --- to drive health care innovation and be a high tech rehabilitation and fitness solution provider and transformational force in the health care industry. We believe this requires innovative and engaging content that is flexible to be configured in different ways and delivered on various platforms (e.g. online, mobile and gaming).

Click to View Samples of Exercise Animations:

Treadmill Running
Ball Reach - Kneeling
Range of Motion
L-Bar External Rotation, Scapular Plane
Core Muscle Training
Quadruped Alternate Hip Extension
Resistance Training
SL Medicine Ball Squat
Balance Obstacle Course

Click to View Samples of Exercise Programs:

Click to View Additional Exercise Animations:

Cardiovascular Exercises
Stretching & Range of Motion Exercises
Core Muscle Training Exercises
Resistance Training Exercises
Balance Exercises
Posture & Lifting Technique

Click to View Demo of 3D Character Animation Development:

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